Nutrition, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

Meet Kate McCurdy. Kate is a qualified Holistic Nutritionist, specialising in Herbal Medicine  and Naturopathy. (Diploma of Nutrition, Advanced Diploma of Health Sciences (Nutrition&Naturopathy).

She is the face behind “Well and Nourished”.  Her website and face book page are dedicated to all things health and well-being – with the main focus on nutrient dense food and sleep.

Kate also sees one-on-one clients in clinic here at The Wellness Project. Her holistic approach to treating and repairing heath concerns is to address the root cause/causes, and not just the symptoms, which inevitably come back.

To do this she uses a variety of elements to support and nourish the body. These include nutrition, supplements, herbs, mindfulness and stress reduction, and a range of functional testing – where appropriate - to get a deeper understanding of the problems at hand.

Kate understands that health is not a case of one size fits all – so each person that comes through her door receives a tailor-made plan to suit them and their specific needs.

She is passionate about educating and empowering people to be their own health advocate – and giving them the tools they need to support their bodies over a life time. To eliminate illness and regain their health and energy – to be able to enjoy the very best level of health possible for them.

She has a special interest in pre-conception support and fertility, after having gone through the journey of fertility issues herself – and consequently two rounds of IVF to get her little boy, Leo.

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