The wellness project yoga

Yin Release


Explore a deep release of physical and emotional tension. Each class is intended to create joint space, soften connective tissue and unravel muscular rigidity. We incorporate trigger point therapy to access more depth throughout the practice.

Expect: To feel deeply relaxed and stretched as you move through a slow, meditative sequence.

Level: All students

The wellness project yoga

Vinyasa Restore


Explore a slower and more therapeutic style of movement. Each class is designed to release physical tension, enhance deeper levels of support and prepare your body to move in gentle yet functional ways.

Expect: To feel calm as you bring the body back into balance through accessible flowing movement.

Level: All students

The wellness project yoga

Vinyasa Realign


Explore a different approach to ‘functional alignment’. Intelligently sequenced to weave a different theme into your movement practice. Explore foundational alignment and breath then into either a peak pose or experience.

Expect: To feel strong, agile and empowered as you flow from foundation to the full expression of postures.

Level: All students

The wellness project yoga

Vinyasa Revive


Explore the fun elements within your practice. Each class is sequenced to a crafted playlist, where the music is designed to move you. This dynamic flowing practice is completed with deeper releases to soothe and restore.

Expect: To feel re-invigorated as every class takes you on a different journey to keep your perspective and practice ‘fresh’.

Level: Two

The wellness project yoga

Vinyasa Recondition


Explore physical and mental change in order to advance your practice. Sequenced in a progressive way to build strength, flexibility and focus. This conditioning practice will break down patterns of movement and thought required for inversions and arm balances.

Expect: To feel challenged as you find your edge, come ready to sweat.

Level: Two to Three



We recommend booking ahead for our classes.

Sessions are often busy, booking ahead secures your space and allows one of our team members to lay a mat for you prior to your arrival. You can rest assured that once you arrive it is a smooth transition from a busy day into your yoga time.


We have a two hour cancellation window, before which you will not be charged for your class.

You can cancel your booking online or through the MINDBODY mobile app.

If you cancel within the 2 hour window or fail to show up for your booking, you will be charged as having attended.


Please note with all online purchases there is a 24 hour lag between your purchase and funds being withdrawn from your account.

Our online merchant provider 'Ezidebit' does not yet have real time processing. If funds are not available at the time the withdrawal is made you will be charged a $15 penalty charge called a dishonour fee.

Unfortunately this fee is not received by The Wellness Project and will not be refunded. Please check your account prior to making any purchases.