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What are you looking for from Yoga?

Strength, flexibility and balance

Try our Vinyasa Classes.

These classes incorporate breath work, standing postures and seated releases. Vinyasa means to 'flow with breath' and is a more fluid style of practice that builds heat. Within a class you can expect to move through a sequence to progressively strengthen and open your body, often in preparation for a peak posture.  Our Vinyasa Restore and Realign  classes are accessible for all new students.

Rest, relaxation and flexibility

Try our Yin classes.

Yin is a slow, mindful practice where we focus on seated or reclined postures. We use the aid of props to hold postures for longer periods and release both the muscles and connective tissues of the body. The focus is not to strengthen the body but to deeply unravel physical and emotional tension. Our Yin Release classes are suitable for all students and injuries can always be accomodated.

Yoga 101 Workshop

Learn more about the foundation postures involved in vinyasa yoga. Refine the basic breathing techniques and build an awareness of the underpinnings of yoga philosophy in order to feel more confident joining regularly scheduled classes.

Saturday November 16th 11am-1pm

$49 | Includes All Equipment

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Be a Yoga Tourist

We have a wonderful introductory offer for new students.

$59 For Two Weeks Unlimited Classes

This allows you to come and go as you please and try as many different classes and teachers as you like. We love newbies and beginner students are always welcome in any class. We'll be sure to give you the options you need.