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New Year, New Intentions

There’s just something special about a new year. A fresh start. A blank page. An opportunity to begin as you wish to continue. It is my absolute favourite time of year. As though the entire ocean expands before me, it represents endless potential and fills me with hope. Beginning is as important as continuation. Placing […]

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Altogether Alone

Our society is more connected than ever before. Technology allows us to be united when we are apart, feel joined when we feel disjointed and become included when we are excluded. We are more ‘together’ than we have ever been in history, so why are we feeling so alone? There is a modern epidemic facing […]

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The wellness project

Where’s My Spark?

I spent the weekend catching up with a dear friend. A long overdue catch up as we both live busy lives now and don’t see or speak to each other often enough. For the first time in a very long time her light was dim. And she’s not the kind of girl to lose her […]

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The Modern Warrior

One of my favourite things to do is challenge the constructs of modern society, and flip current perspectives in pursuit of a full and meaningful life. What does it mean to be a modern day warrior? How can we redefine the labels assigned by the past so that our current paths have new meaning? The […]

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Be The Real F**king Thing

Be The Real F**king Thing Caution: there will be expletives today. I have just finished watching Tony Robbins – I Am Not Your Guru. And he points out that expletives are the only way to stop your stream of consciousness and bring you into reality. From someone that doesn’t speak with profanities this makes complete […]

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Letting Go Of The Need To Please

During the earlier years my decisions were governed by other people’s perceptions of what my life should look like. Doing ‘the right thing’ and making sure ‘everything happened at the right time’. A great deal of my choices stemmed from expectation; whether school subjects, friendships, extra-curricular activities, university degrees, professionals roles, travel destinations, house ownership, […]

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Yoga and Meditation…For Hippies Right?

There is something I really love about students new to yoga. There is an unknowing, a blank canvas ready to be printed, a journey about to begin. So often they are drawn to the practice as a ‘stretch’ for the purely physical benefits, of which there are so many. But when does Yoga stop being […]

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Life’s Not Black And White

Right and wrong. Good and bad. Healthy and unhealthy. True and false. Rich and Poor. Perfect and imperfect. Healthy and unhealthy. Happy and unhappy. Black and white. For the duration of our younger years we are raised to believe these extreme contrasts are all that exist in life. We label, categorise and box people and […]

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Be Like Bamboo

‘Bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.’ – Japanese Proverb Life can be really rough, life can also bring great joy and elation. But how do we fly in those changing conditions without the wind blowing us away or the rain washing us out? It is inevitable that at times we will […]

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